John Deere Clutch

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Published: 13th July 2010
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How to Repair your John Deere Hand Clutch

Guilty of grinding the hand clutch on your 2 cylinder John Deere Tractor? Do not worry, the design specs of these tractors gives owners access and renovation of the ">John Deere Clutch .Unlike with many other tractors. the clutch on the lay down John Deere tractors needs no splitting of the rear end of the tractor from the torque tube, to access the components that comprise the clutch. Built in Waterloo Iowa these tractors are known as "lay downs" by hobbyists since the engine has horizontally opposed cylinders. Waterloo boasts a two cylinder list that includes the A, B, D, G, GP, H, R, 50, 60, 70, 80, 520, 530, 620, 630, 720, 730, 820, 830 and many associated variations. To reach the clutch take off the clutch cover from the side of the tractor. These covers are held by compressions and could be dented because of the force necessary to remove and install the clutch cover. If a new clutch cover is required check out the availability at Steiner Tractor Parts (STP). Their most in demand cover is the JDS543 which fits late models A and G up through the 630 and 730 tractors. After you take it off you will need to disassemble the clutch. Consult your manual if needed. If you are missing yours STP can help. Manuals are available on their web site: Steiner Tractor Parts. Once apart, inspect the clutch facings and bonded clutch discs. These components naturally erode as they absorb the friction to engage the transmission. After you inspect, check out the teeth on the slider disc(s) and the clutch driver for any damage. Either one or two slider discs are used, depending on the model. Restore if necessary. Next inspect the clutch dogs, springs, T-bolts and the slotted hex nuts for damages. The belt pulley brake lining might also need replacing. Examine the lining for wear. Lastly if the hand clutch has too much play then it may be reason to replace the clutch lever pivot bushing and maybe even the pivot bolt. Good thing Steiner Tractor Parts (STP) always has a comprehensive selection of drivers, discs, clutch facings and covers, clutch dogs, t-bolts, bonded linings, springs, clutch lever pivot bushings and pivot bolts along with the belt pulley lining.  Offering the combination of one stop shopping and low pricing STP is a clutch resource for John Deere tractors.

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